50 gr. Jar

Cell rejuvenator hydrates, mineralizes and alkalinizes the body at a cellular level providing all of the minerals which cells need for maximum efficiency.




Food Grade Organic Silica

-Responsible for the facilitation of absorbtion of the other essential minesrals such as calcium, pottassium, magnesium, etc.


Fleru de Sel

-The best salt in the world.  Contains all of the minerals on this planet and under the  stars.

-Provides every mineral necesary for maximum cell function.


Food Grade Bicarbonate of Soda

-Alkalinizes the cells of the body creating a hostile environment for disease.

Cell Rejuvenator

  • First thing in the morning and inmmediately before every meal

    Mix a pinch (tip of a teaspoon) in a large glass of room temperature water (half a lt.).

    MIx thoroughly.

    Slowly fill your mouth, swish, take a deep breath, swallow.

    Repeat until the glass is empty.

    You may drink with your eyes closed for a meditative and calming effect.



  • Mineralizes


    Supports  natural cellular reconstruciton

    Has antiviral properties

    Acs as an intestinal dewormer

    Washes the stomach of toxins