10 gr. 18cm to 22cm Premium Gourmet Vanilla Beans.

10 gr.


The Original vanilla, cultivated by the Totonaca First Nations of Totonacapan, Veracruz, Mexico.

We offer wild harvest and ecologically grown, Extra Premium Gourmet, Premium Gourmet, Gourmet Standard vanilla bean pods.  Glass tube contains one Premium Gourmet and one Gourmet Standard beans.  Approx 52gr including glass tube.


Make your own real vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, vanilla powder, etc. One inch of vanilla bean to one ounce of 90 proof Vodka or grain alcohol.  Any other alcohol alters the taste.  90% of vanilla extract are artificial and most are made from petroleum byproducts.  How much is your health worth?


By purchasing our products you do your part to protect the environment,prevent deforestation, save the Melipona bee, conserve indigenous cultures and create ecological economies in marginalized areas.

Vanilla Gourmet Mexicana/Mexican Gourmet Vanilla Bean-Grams -

1000 Gramos
  • Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world (after saffron) because its production is so labor-intensive.


    Vanilla grows as a clinging vine, reaching lengths of up to 300 feet, from which sprout pale greenish-yellow flowers, about four inches in diameter. These-in Mexico, vanilla’s native habitat-are pollinated by melipona bees and, occasionally, by hummingbirds.


    Each flower remains open for just 24 hours, after which, if not pollinated, it wilts, dies, and drops to the ground. Frankly, given its sexual proclivities and narrow window of opportunity, the very existence of vanilla seems like an evolutionary long shot.


    Grown from an orchid, vanilla beans are one of the world’s most difficult crops to cultivate. After harvest, the beans require an arduous and tricky nine-month process of sun drying to cure properly. Vanilla simply does not lend itself to mechanization or other methods of mass production. From start to finish, vanilla beans are produced by hand.


    We pay our producers a premium for premium quality beans.  The best in the world from the Totonaco People directly to you.


    By purchasing our products you do your part to protect the environment, conserve indigenous cultures and create ecological economies in marginalized areas.


Medicina Tradicional 

La nueva medicina enfocada en eliminar la causa del malestar

Miel Infundida

Fórmula propietaria, desarrollada por más de 30 años, contiene tres de los anti`inflamatorios más eficaces y seguros de la naturaleza.

La Miel infundida con Cannabidiol (espectro completo de todos los cannabinoides, sustancia segura y no adictiva), creará una conexión importante con casi todos los sistemas y órganos de nuestro cuerpo y su función será fundamental para todos los aspectos de nuestra salud.

La miel de abeja sin aguijon, la Melipona, prácticamente puede curar cualquier cosa, ya sea una herida o diabetes. Es posible que la fusión de cannabis y miel puede generar un gran avance en la ciencia y la medicina.

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