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All sales are final.

There are absolutely no refunds, returns or exchanges on food or health items.

Since the products can no longer be used as a human food or health product once they leave our possession because of health safety reasons, we may find a client who can use them for industrial purposes and in certain  situations we may offer a partial credit towards future purchases if the products are returned and shipped within 48 hours of receiving and at the expense of the client, to a destination designated by the supplier and depending on the condition in  which the product arrives.


Wholesale prices are for multiple kilo purchases. 

All prices and sales are FOB Zozocolco de Hidalgo, Veracruz, Mexico.  All sales are final.

Prices  may  change without notice.


Due to climate change, agricultural products are not always available during traditional harvest and processing times.

Nature dictates the times.  We have no control over nature.


All samples must be purchased.  Unfortunately the practice of free samples has been abused by persons making a living from requesting free samples with no intention of purchasing.

In certain cases at the discretion of the supplier, complimentary samples may be given.


We are located in a very remote area and availability of packaging materials is limited.  In addition, we are ecologically conscious and use recycled materials as the client will be repackaging at the destination.

We are not responsible for the condition in which the package or its contents arrives at the destination.


Clients must make arrangements for and pay all shipping costs.

We recommend ensuring the shipment.

There may be a surcharge for delivering to the nearest shipping center  3.5 hours each way.

Shipping times may vary depending on weather and physical danger conditions.


At the discretion of supplier, there may be a surcharge for:

Extra large boxes or boxes weighing over 30 kg.
Consulting-extra information, training and education.
Sharing 3rd party identity, location and  other confidential, proprietary information.
Sourcing 3rd party products.
Sourcing products out of season.
Sourcing products outside of our region.
Delivering to the nearest  shipping company.
DANGER FEE-Providing these services in dangerous, unsafe regions. 

Returns & Refunds

At Annie-Bee-Natural, we strive to bring you the highest quality products, however, a lot can happen between the Rain Forest and your kitchen.

If the product is damaged when you receive it, please let us know immediately.

We handle each case on and individual basis and always try to satisfy our clients, however because they are food products, generally we cannot refund or exchange a product once the seals have been broken.

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